Treating Gum Disease with Scaling and Root Planing in Liberty Lake, WA

Some of the dental procedures performed by dentists may sound frightening, especially to those who already suffered from dental fear and anxiety. Included in these treatments are scaling and root planing. We at Liberty Lake Smile Source firmly believe that deep cleaning is the best method to treat issues that deteriorate oral health like gum disease for example. Despite its negative reputation to some, the treatment is considered as the most reliable and effective solution to promotes gum healing. To know more about it, we collected some of the most frequently asked questions and answered them:

How important is scaling and root planing?
Scaling and root planing is a deep oral cleaning performed by dental professionals. Those who suffer from gum inflammation caused by gum disease or plaques can benefit from the procedure. Even if one faithfully practices proper oral hygiene, it doesn’t mean that they cannot get gum disease. There are many causes of the said condition, and one of them is genetics.
At Liberty Lake Smile Source, our dentist will first examine the patient’s condition and assess the severity of the inflammation. Scraping is done to the affected tooth to get rid of bacteria and plaque buildup. When these harmful particles are completely eliminated, gum disease will be prevented.
During the scaling and root planing, the dentist will utilize an ultrasonic device that produces sonic vibrations to effectively loosen unwanted debris on the teeth. To ensure that there will be no more stubborn substances left, a manual instrument is used. The tool clears tartar and plaque accumulation in the root below the gum line.
Does it really hurt to undergo scaling and root planing?
Unlike regular dental cleaning, scaling and root planing involves a more thorough process. Discomfort may vary depending on the patients’ level of sensitivity. However, for those who don’t have the sufficient strength to conquer the dental chair, local anesthesia is always available.
How to avoid scaling and root planing procedure?
If your gums are healthy and free from diseases, you are not required to undergo scaling and root planing. Ensure the excellent state of your oral health by practicing proper oral hygiene daily, visiting the dentist twice yearly, adopting a healthy lifestyle, and feeding your gums with the essential nutrients.

For more information about Scaling and Root Planing under Periodontal Services in Liberty Lake, WA , be sure to contact Liberty Lake Smile Source today. Our entire team looks forward to meeting you in person and helping you achieve the best possible dental health results.

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