Advanced Technology

Technology has improved all medical fields, including dentistry. Advanced imaging, equipment and medical device access improve the accuracy and efficiency of dental care. At Liberty Lake Smile Source, our entire dental team is focused on providing the absolute best care for our patients. Our technology includes the latest innovations in the dental field to reduce treatment times and costs for our patients.

3D Cone Beam

Imaging is vital for complex dental treatments. Our dental center in Spokane Valley has invested in 3D cone beam imaging to give our dentists access to accurate and precise images. 3D cone beam images show our dentists 3D pictures of the teeth, bone and surrounding tissues to help in diagnosis and to plan intricate procedures like dental implants, root canals and oral surgery.

Intraoral Camera

Providing interactive patient care is important to us. We use intraoral cameras to provide real-time digital imaging to our patients when explaining their treatment. The small handheld device transmits digital images to a monitor so you can see what our dental team sees inside your mouth.

Trios Digital Scanner

If you have ever experienced an oral mold for a dental crown or other restoration, you will appreciate the Trios digital scanner we use. This small scanner can take 3D impressions of your teeth without the uncomfortable mold process used in the past to create dental crowns, mouthguards, night guards, and other fitted dental appliances.

Form 3 Labs 3D Printer

At Liberty Lake Smile Source, we can create some dental restorations and appliances right in our office. Our Form 3 Labs 3D printer can create dental devices on-site from the 3D impressions made with our Trios digital scanner. This saves time and money for us and for our patients.

The best dental technology can improve your experience. At Liberty Lake Smile Source, we do our best to provide excellence in dentistry for all our patients. Come see us at our dental center in Liberty Lake, WA, and experience patient-centric dentistry with our technology, amenities, and comfort innovations.

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