Reasons to Take Advantage of Dental Implants in Liberty Lake, WA

The restoration of missing teeth has never been easy since dental implants were made available. Compared to other restorative options available, the use of a titanium implant surgically placed on the jawbone became the most stable and durable option today. Although other treatments are also effective in replacing lost teeth, dental implants became one of the most in-demand choices for most people.

At Liberty Lake Smile Source, we understand the consequences of missing teeth to the health and appearance of our patients. And as we aim to always provide only the best services available for dental health care, we took advantage of the most popular procedure nowadays – dental implants. We greatly believe in the potential of dental implants as teeth replacement, so we recommend this treatment for people to have a second chance for their smiles. The implant options our patients can choose from are endosteal implants, All-on-4 Implants/Teeth-in-a-Day, or Trefoil All-on-3 Implants.

Advantages of Dental Implants

Retains the appearance of the face

When tooth loss occurred and left unattended, it is more likely to affect the facial structure of a patient gradually. This occurrence is due to the change in the jawbone that has lost its main stimulants, the teeth. Implants help in keeping the face as it is by restoring not only the visible portion of a lost tooth but its roots as well. In return, bone deterioration and alterations in the facial structures are prevented.

Patients can bite on foods freely

As a dental implant can restore more or less the normal biting force of lost teeth, unlike other restorative options, patients are free to eat what they want. The treatment does not have much food restrictions which are usually laid out to prevent the appliance from breaking.

Restored teeth are guaranteed to remain cavity-free

Good news, dental implants cannot be damaged by cavities so patients can rest easy. However, this does not mean that the restored teeth with implants can be left as it is. Patients should continue proper hygiene and care practices to keep the structures holding the teeth healthy. Compromised gums and jaws will more likely cause the dental implants to fail.

Dental implants are easy to maintain

Patients are free to practice the regular oral hygiene they perform daily for the appliance does not require any special solutions and creams for cleaning. Using gentle soap and soft-bristled toothbrush are enough to keep the prostheses attached and the area around the implants clean.

The appliance is more stable than its other counterparts

Dental implants, as previously mentioned above, are surgically inserted on the jawbone. With that being said, patients are guaranteed that they do not need to worry about slipping dental appliance. They are free to eat, talk, and smile to their heart’s content.


As long as patients observe proper oral hygiene, adequate care, and schedule regular checkups, they are assured that dental implants can be a long-term solution. If well-maintained, implants can even last a lifetime.

Aiming to restore your lost teeth as natural as it was before? Contact us to know more about our options for Dental Implants in Liberty Lake, WA , or to schedule your appointment with Liberty Lake Smile Source.

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