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When it comes to oral health, the teeth are not the only ones that deserve the right care. The supporting tissues in the mouth need to be maintained appropriately as well—for example, the gums. If this structure is compromised, patients are more likely to experience several consequences, and one of those is tooth loss.

If there is something most people would avoid, it is losing their teeth. Although there are multiple replacement options available nowadays, there is still nothing that can compare to real teeth. That said, we want our patients at Liberty Lake Smile Source to know the best practices to perform in securing the state of their oral wellness. For tips, refer to the list we prepared below.

Stop smoking

One more reason for people to consider quitting cigarette smoking: Aside from being harmful to the body, this practice can wreak havoc to oral health as well. People who smoke are more likely to develop gum disease. What happens is, since smoking weakens a person’s immune system, it makes it harder for them to fight infections. What’s more, it also affects the healing ability of a person.

Consider a fluoridated toothpaste

Walking through the oral care aisle of grocery stores, people can spot numerous brands of toothpaste. Some promise to whiten the teeth while others freshen one’s breath, instead of choosing these, we recommend the product that contains fluoride. Fluoridated toothpaste provides patients with added protection against factors that can cause harm to their teeth and gums.

Brush twice every day

To effectively remove plaque and food debris, patients are highly advised to brush their teeth at least twice a day. Doing so effectively gets rid of plaque, as well as, food debris that gets stuck on both the gums and teeth. Make sure to choose a toothbrush with soft-bristles to make sure that there will be no harm done on any oral structures. Patients may also consider upgrading to an electric toothbrush for a more thorough and effortless clean. Swap toothbrush every three to four months to guarantee the full effectiveness of the oral device.


What is the best partner of a toothbrush? Of course a dental floss. Toothbrush bristles cannot reach all the portions in the mouth, but floss can make up for these areas for a better clean.

Seek professional assistance

Skipping routine appointments is a big no-no when it comes to achieving excellent oral health. Aside from regular cleanings and checkups, we can also cater to people who need the following services: scaling and root planing, bone grafting, gingivectomy, laser treatment, pocket reduction surgery, and dental crown lengthening.

Secure excellent gum health by following the tips provided above, especially by taking advantage of our Periodontal Services in Liberty Lake, WA .

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Smiles Worth Raving About

Logan LankfordLogan Lankford
03:30 06 Dec 23
Great location, great people, and all around a great dentist. I recently transferred to their office due to location, and I’m very impressed with everything they have to offer. From the receptionist, to the hygienist, and the dentist are all super friendly and very professional.
Jason AdamsJason Adams
07:13 05 Dec 23
I absolutely love the team at Liberty Lake Smile Source.I've been seeing Dr. Tim Casey for over 5 years and you won't find someone who is more attentive, caring and professional. We only see each other a couple times a year and he always checks in on how my family and I are doing.All of the staff are top-notch and I would 100% recommend this team to anyone who asks.
Kennedy JuchauKennedy Juchau
02:45 02 Dec 23
I have had great experiences every time I go in. They are friendly and thorough every time. They are always very confident in their diagnosis and are always willing to answer any questions I have.
Randy BolingerRandy Bolinger
18:46 01 Dec 23
Always a great visit. Very professional and friendly!
Darius TerryDarius Terry
20:41 23 Nov 23
It's always amazing, front desk is amazing, very good customer service !! And the doctors and all , always are there for me, always there for a patient so with all that being said, you got are indeed my favorite place , and favorite people! I want to say thanks for all your guys help etc..-Darius Terry (:
Kelsea HopkinsKelsea Hopkins
04:30 16 Nov 23
From start to finish, a great experience.Patty had a warm and welcoming smile to get me checked in (and out). I met with Heather (with a little help from Elizabeth) who were fantastic at explaining the whole process and making sure to breakdown jargon and let me know the findings of my cleaning. I got to watch some silly and funny animal tv on the ceiling which had some great ways to make me smile during the visit. They took great X-rays and pictures of my teeth to ensure all aspects of my dental care were considered. Dr. Macall was personable while also professional and informative. Would 10/10 recommend the entire process with this group. Thank you for your great care and even though it’s the dentist office, I look forward to returning.
Paula KrantPaula Krant
01:40 27 Oct 23
Was a great experience. The technician was very pleasant. She was attentive to me and my questions. Gentle and considerate. Dentist was great. Felt he was professional and explained things well. No pressure on what needed to be done or how soon. Office personal were very pleasant and attentive. Explained the treatment plan and insurance coverage and what my costs would be. It was a very pleasant and comfortable visit. I would recommend this office to others.
Barbara ChimentiBarbara Chimenti
01:39 11 Oct 23
The staff was very friendly. Office clean and welcoming. Hygienist was extremely knowledgeable and gentle. Dr Casey explained all scenarios to me and what work was needed first. I liked the efficiency of all his staff and I think it was my best experience with any dentist.
Real Ron SwansonReal Ron Swanson
20:12 28 Sep 23
Recently moved here from Chicago, and a family member recommended Liberty Lake Smile. It took a brief and easy website visit and a follow-up call from them, and I had an appointment right away! I was impressed at how nice and professional the entire staff was, and it was apparent they really did care, and know their business! I was surprised at how thorough my initial visit and assessment actually was. Ann, the Hygienist and Dr. Casey demonstrated their competence, experience and professionalism, and left me with a feeling of confidence that they would provide excellent care! Moreover, they came up with a detailed plan to map out the course of action. I would happily recommend Liberty Lake Smile for your dental needs.