Dentures in Liberty Lake, WA: Commonly Asked Questions About Your False Teeth

People who are considering dentures for their lost smiles may have a lot of questions in mind regarding the said teeth replacement. “Will it be worth it? Will it function accordingly?” These are just some of the frequent queries of people about dentures. And right now, we at Liberty Lake Smile Source will try to answer them.

Dentures that are available in our clinic include fixed and traditional types. Those who are interested to know the difference between these two options are free to set an appointment at our practice right away. However, people who are still hesitant if dentures can really help them can learn from these answered FAQs below:

FAQs About Dentures

Are dentures essential?
For a person with missing teeth, YES, dentures are useful. They will no longer have problem eating foods and enunciating certain words, especially those with the ‘s’ sounds after replacing their lost pearly whites with the said oral device.
Will eating be an issue with dentures?
Not really. Even though wearers need to practice and adjust during their first week or month of wearing dentures, they will find it smooth to chew foods once they get used to their teeth replacements.
Is it expensive to get dentures?
The teeth replacement may get a little pricey, but with its numerous benefits, it is worth the investment.
Are dentures a lifetime solution?
Unfortunately, wearers need to see the dentist regularly for adjustments (if required), denture checkups, and even replacements. The said oral device offers long-lasting benefits. However, between the period of five to seven years, we suggest getting a new denture as it is usually during these times that the restorative appliance badly needs to be replaced.
How to lengthen the lifespan of dentures?
After each meal, it is advised to clean dentures. Keep in mind that the oral device can break like any other dental restorations, so placing a towel in the sink when cleaning it is a must. The cloth will serve as a cushion that will decrease the likelihood of the denture to break when dropped. Remember to use gentle cleansers and lukewarm water instead of hot to avoid altering the aesthetics of the appliance.

For more information about Dentures in Liberty Lake, WA , talk to us at Liberty Lake Smile Source. We will be more than happy to answer any of your queries concerning our dental care services.

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