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Many teens and young adults have their wisdom teeth removed to prevent dental problems. The last four molars do not arrive until near adulthood, which is why they are called “wisdom” teeth. Due to their size and other factors, wisdom teeth can cause problems for some patients. If you need wisdom teeth removal in the Spokane Valley area, call our team at Liberty Lake Smile Source.

Wisdom teeth are large molars, usually with four roots, in the back four corners of the mouth. For some people, these large molars have little room to grow, which means they may press against other teeth or not emerge at all. Wisdom teeth can be impacted in the gums or grow in sideways. Some people experience pain, infection, sinus issues and other problems due to their wisdom teeth.

Wisdom teeth are not needed for a healthy smile. If wisdom teeth are causing problems or may lead to dental issues, it may be recommended to have these teeth proactively removed. Many people will have all four removed, but sometimes only troublesome molars are removed. Wisdom teeth can be removed as soon as they arrive or at any time after if they become a problem.

Stress-Free Wisdom Teeth Extractions

At Liberty Lake Smile Source, we are dedicated to providing a comfortable environment for all your dental services, including wisdom teeth removal. Our operatories are equipped with blankets, pillows, TVs and headphones to help you relax during your visit. Local anesthetic is used to numb the teeth before they are removed for a pain-free experience. We also offer sedation dentistry for those who prefer to be medicated during the procedure.

Once the large molars are extracted, it will take a few days to heal. Most patients recover quickly with very little discomfort if they follow the post-procedure instructions.

If you have troublesome wisdom teeth, removal may be the best solution. Our dental team at Liberty Lake Smile Source can provide a safe and comfortable environment for your wisdom teeth extractions. We use state-of-the-art dental technology and have sedation options available if you choose. Contact our office in Liberty Lake near Spokane and Post Falls, ID, to schedule a wisdom teeth consultation.

Smiles Worth Raving About

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Angela W.

As a new patient, I was very pleased with my experience at Liberty Lake Smile. My tooth cracked earlier in the week, and broke off. They were able to see me the same day, addressed the problem, and got me set up with a temporary crown. Dr. Casey, explained what the issues were, and his method was very gentle. The staff was friendly and professional.

Charles K.

Excellent experience all around! I have been going to Liberty Lake Smile Source for about 10 years now and have always have had a great experience. Dr. Casey & Dr. Macall are experts in their field! Friendly staff, state of the art equipment and a brand new building. I would recommend to anyone looking for a good experience with professionals who care.

Mike H.

Dr. Casey, McCall and their entire team are exceptional. They are friendly, gentle, and easy to visit with and I especially loved the pet channel that I got to watch during my visit! My entire family comes to Liberty Lake Smile Source, and will continue to for years to come.