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Halitosis or bad breath negatively affects both the psychological and social well-being of a person. There are instances that one who suffers from halitosis experiences shame and embarrassment due to bullying and name-calling. These stigmatizing effect of halitosis deteriorates the soul of a person, making them have inferior confidence. For sure, no one wants to be in that position just because they have bad breath.

We at Liberty Lake Smile Source care about our patients’ oral health and wellness, that is why we want to provide them the solutions to their bad breath problems. With our Halitosis Treatment procedure, one can achieve a fresher breath! Halitosis has many causes. Poor oral hygiene, dry mouth, gum disease, and other mouth infections are some of the factors which contribute to halitosis. Our team carefully assesses the cause of the patients’ halitosis and provide a reliable treatment right away.

Dry mouth is the primary culprit of halitosis or bad breath. This condition is called xerostomia, a decrease in the production of saliva. Dry mouth affects all people but is more prevalent in women. People experience dry mouth because of certain reasons such as dehydration, health conditions, smoking and alcohol intake, and taking drug medications. Since the decrease in saliva is the main reason why dry mouth takes place, it is essential to know the role of saliva production in the overall oral health of the person. First, saliva gets rid of ulcers and sores in the mouth by serving as a lubricant that provides comfort and protection to the oral tissues. Second, sufficient saliva in the mouth can help fight tooth decay, infections, and fungi by neutralizing acids. Lastly, saliva enables the person to taste foods and digest it after. To improve saliva production, here are some tips to try:

  • Chew sugar-free gums as it stimulates the salivary gland to generate more saliva.
  • Avoid drinking too much alcohol as it dries the mouth.
  • Limit rinsing the mouth with the mouthwash that has alcohol content.
  • Drink a lot of water to moisten the mouth.

An effective way of combating bad breath caused by dry mouth is by taking plenty of water regularly. The water will not only help the mouth to become moist but will also be useful in flushing bad bacterias in the mouth that causes an unpleasant smell. It also prevents food particles and tooth decays which leads to bad breath.

Dry mouth is also an indication that one must set an appointment with the dentist; and if it causes halitosis already, be sure to seek dental halitosis treatment eagerly.

If you are suffering from bad breath, schedule your Halitosis Treatment in Liberty Lake under our General Dentistry Services for diagnosis & treatment.

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